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  • How did Bill Clennan & David Gouthro help you build your practice?

    Posted by Dene / on 01/19/2010 / 2 Comments

    Categories: Memories

    If you attended our CAPS Vancouver Event on Sat 16Jan10 with Bill Clennan and David Gouthro, please comment on what you learnt and how you will apply the principles to your practice. ~ Dene Rossouw

    David Gouthro & Bill Clennan

    The New Normal - Bill Clennan, CSP HoF

    We speak to groups about how relationships are constant 'currency' in a world of change; we take them through exercises to help them see and feel the difference we believe will help them and we leave.

    Applying the same lessons to ourselves is another matter - it is, after all, us we are talking about!

    Bill ..

  • Top Benefits of “Face-to-Face” Meetings”

    Posted by Dene / on 05/11/2009 / 0 Comments

    From David Gouthro -
    The following is a list of reasons/justification for having face-to-face meetings, that will hopefully then require a CAPS keynoter/trainer/ facilitator. You may wish to tick off the reasons that ring truest and most useful to you . . . and use them to persuade your clients to have a face-to-face meeting featuring . . . YOU!

    o Discover new revenue opportunities - make unexpected connections
    o Greater buy-in and trust in person
    o Change of environment - changes thought process
    o Face-to-face focuses attention over optimal period of time
    o Quicker and cheaper to achieve consensus
    o ..


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