How did Bill Clennan & David Gouthro help you build your practice?

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If you attended our CAPS Vancouver Event on Sat 16Jan10 with Bill Clennan and David Gouthro, please comment on what you learnt and how you will apply the principles to your practice. ~ Dene Rossouw

David Gouthro & Bill Clennan

The New Normal - Bill Clennan, CSP HoF

We speak to groups about how relationships are constant 'currency' in a world of change; we take them through exercises to help them see and feel the difference we believe will help them and we leave.

Applying the same lessons to ourselves is another matter - it is, after all, us we are talking about!

Bill has had to apply his own relationship principles over the past two years: he had to change his business, dig deep to find his inalienable values, reinvent his speaking business and become relevant to the market demand.

Come and hear how Bill managed his transformation and see what you can take away and apply to make you more relevant to the current and changing market demand. Hear how selling is neither a contact sport nor a popularity contest but a relationship building process: its about understanding you and your market and building the product your market wants. Learn how to:

* How to have more FUN creating evolving networks
* Web sites have 6 seconds -You've got 6 seconds.
* The first thing you need to know is the same thing websites need
* If price is important the easiest thing to make more important than price.
* How social conditioning inhibits even the best from achieving.
* People know when we are willing, capable, and able to persist.
* Turn trepidation into exhilaration.
* Why do you remember faces and not names?
* All pressure is nothing but misplaced eagerness.
* It is impossible to do that which you think you cannot do.

Speaker: Bill Clennan, HoF

Since 1969 more than 10,000 audiences have been captivated by the high energy, brilliant insights, and contagious humor of the man who has become known as THE DEAN OF SPEAKERS, Hall of Fame inductee Bill Clennan. The Hall of Fame, a lifetime achievement award, is the highest awarded designation of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), primarily recognizing excellence on the platform; it also considers success, longevity, ethics, and contribution to the industry and community at large. In 1998 Bill was a founding member of BC Chapter of CAPS and in the same year served as a member of the CAPS National Board of Directors.

The Courage to Change - David Gouthro, CSP 

There is no doubt we are in the midst of one of the most challenging, complex and confusing times in recorded history. Regardless of the size or nature of our speaking business, what used to work either no longer works or works differently than it used to. Predictability is virtually non-existent. We must change to adapt to new technology, regulations, customer expectations and external pressures caused by global events such as 9/11, the war with Iraq and the recent meltdown of global financial markets. Most of us would not have chosen these circumstances; however, we must work in them. This puts an incredible strain on all of us-keynoters, trainers, facilitators and coaches alike.

Fortunately there are literally thousands of books, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, tweets, webinars and conventions that provide advice on what to do to be successful in these challenging times. And most of them require us to do something different in our business; and yes, this means we might have to . . . (gasp) CHANGE!

The focus of this presentation is on what I believe is one of the most critical requirements to change--courage. There is little written specifically on this topic, so the purpose of our time together is to examine courage in depth and explore some of the choices where exercising courage will have the greatest potential impact.

What is courage? When and why do we exercise it? What conditions are required for us to act courageously? How does courage provide a foundation for our curiosity, creativity and commitment? How can we encourage others to act with courage, too? These questions and others will be part of our exploration. There are no "right answers', however there will be plenty of "possible answers". Come prepared to engage, explore and enjoy in this highly interactive and excitingly personal session

Speaker: David Gouthro, CSP

David Gouthro, CSP, has been training, facilitating and keynoting for over 25 years. He has facilitated groups from 5 to 200 in a wide variety of private, public and not-for-profit organizations in Canada, the U.S., British Virgin Islands, Mexico, England, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Surinam, Borneo and New Zealand (the fact it was only once in most of those countries is largely irrelevant!). After feeling guilty about not being a "real" speaker because he didn't do a lot of formal keynoting, he discovered it is actually quite possible to earn a CSP as a facilitator!

In a recent Father's Day card, David's nine-year old daughter (who is well known for her unwavering honesty and good judgment of character) wrote "I love Daddy because . . . "

* he's cool
* he's supportive
* he's loving
* he's kind
* he's respectful
* he's responsible
* he's hairless
* he's full of ideas
* he's enthusiastic
* he's funny
* he loves candy

You will have to judge for yourself!


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  • Kathy says:

    I am going to become clearer about my position on physical punishment of children. Be brave. Try courage. Don't second guess when stating my beleifs.

    January 21, 2010 at 6:18 AM | Permalink

  • David says:

    I am going to shave my head. Should allow me to move faster!!!

    January 21, 2010 at 9:40 AM | Permalink


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